Intelligent compressed air solutions with game-changing results.

The new era of compressed air has arrived! IDG Compressor DirectAIR® utility service has innovative compressed air options that use AI technology to drive intelligent controls providing manufacturers from all industries with worry-free compressed air solutions. Choose smarter compressed air — and leave stress behind.

How will your plant benefit from DirectAIR®
  • Intelligent Controls, Superior Results — IDG Compressor intelligent monitoring system, ManagAIR®, adjusts to real-time energy usage, which means your plant reduces waste and saves money.
  • Save EnergyDirectAIR® uses the most energy-efficient equipment and controls available in the industry, typically allowing our customers to experience between 25-50% in annual energy savings.
  • Uptime Guaranteed — With DirectAIR®, a stream of clean, compressed air is guaranteed — so make downtime at your plant a thing of the past.

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