Experience Stress-Free, 100% Reliable Compressed Air

Ready to save? Then these utility services are perfect for your plant.

At IDG Compressor, we don’t believe in stress — only proven solutions that help our customers put forth a high-quality product. This is why we offer compressed air utility services DirectAIR® and ManagAIR®, which lower costs and improve productivity. With DirectAIR®, IDG Compressor installs a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility including all equipment upgrades and replacements within or outside your facility, eliminating the need for an equipment capital investment.

Improve Efficiency at Your Plant with Advanced AI Technology

A national cement manufacturer was operating four 300 HP air compressors at part load, which led to inefficient operations at their facility. None of the air compressors utilized an intelligent master control system, preventing the manufacturer from knowing critical information such as compressor power usage, quality or system demand. Looking for efficient, reliable solutions and information about compressed air management, the customer contacted the experts at IDG Compressor for answers.

After thoroughly analyzing the situation, IDG Compressor recommended ManagAIR+®, a state-of-the-art monitoring and controlling software that utilizes AI technology to sequence air compressors at peak efficiency.

Welcome to the Future of Compressed Air.

Intelligent compressed air solutions with game-changing results.

The new era of compressed air has arrived! IDG Compressor DirectAIR® utility service has innovative compressed air options that use AI technology to drive intelligent controls providing manufacturers from all industries with worry-free compressed air solutions. Choose smarter compressed air — and leave stress behind.

How will your plant benefit from DirectAIR®

Just Do the Math!

DirectAIR® is the most effective secret weapon for your plant.

Your plant deserves a compressed air solution that is reliable, improves productivity and allows plant personnel to focus on manufacturing a superior product. That is why IDG Compressor offers DirectAIR®, our fourth utility compressed air service where we install, operate and maintain a state-of-the-art compressed air facility at your plant site. Gone are the days of worrying about inefficient IDG Compressor that can not handle your plant’s demands.

Never Compromise on Efficiency at Your Plant!

IDG Compressor has utility services that significantly lower compressed air costs.

IDG Compressor is dedicated to providing manufacturers with compressed air solutions that lower costs and improve productivity. This is why we offer a straightforward, simple way for manufacturers to purchase compressed air as a utility, which eliminates large capital outlay and emergency rental costs, frees up plant space for production and lowers overall compressed air costs. Additionally, our monitoring utility service guarantees that your facility receives clean, dry compressed air 24/7/365.

DirectAIR® Helps KAMAX Save $30,000 a Month in Energy Savings!

KAMAX, a leading manufacturer of high-strength fasteners and complex cold-formed parts with over twelve international locations in Europe, North America, and Asia, has been a partner of DTE’s Energy Efficiency Program for Business since the program’s inception in 2009. The DTE Energy Efficiency Program for Business offers incentives for both electric and natural gas users designed to help companies invest in energy efficient technologies. Recently, KAMAX worked with DTE on their compressed air project, which aims to increase energy efficiency, fine-tune demand and lower operating expenses.

Maximize Uptime and Minimize Disruptions!

Our rotary screw air compressors will eliminate stress and increase production at your plant.

2021 is the year to thrive! IDG Compressor is ready to support our manufacturers with reliable Quincy rotary screw air compressors, which are known for their uncompromising reliability, high quality and premium performance in the most demanding applications. Make this your plant’s best year yet — contact IDG Compressor and find the perfect Quincy rotary screw air compressor that will improve your plant operations!

Quality Compressed Air and Superior Savings, That’s the DirectAIR® Difference!

How will your plant save this year?

Is 100% reliability critical to your plant’s success? Could your plant benefit from saving thousands a year? Then the answer is clear — IDG Compressor DirectAIR® utility service is the ideal compressed air solution for you! Unlike other compressed air options such as buying brand new equipment or leasing, with DirectAIR®, IDG Compressor provides a complete compressed air solution including all equipment upgrades and replacements either within or outside your facility.