IDG Compressor has utility services that significantly lower compressed air costs.

IDG Compressor is dedicated to providing manufacturers with compressed air solutions that lower costs and improve productivity. This is why we offer a straightforward, simple way for manufacturers to purchase compressed air as a utility, which eliminates large capital outlay and emergency rental costs, frees up plant space for production and lowers overall compressed air costs. Additionally, our monitoring utility service guarantees that your facility receives clean, dry compressed air 24/7/365. We don’t believe in compressed air compromises — only compressed air convenience and quality!
Discover more about our utility services!

  • DirectAIR Utility Service
    DirectAIR® Utility Service — With DirectAIR® compressed air utility service, compressed air is treated as a fourth utility and IDG Compressor installs, operates and maintains a state-of-the-art compressed air facility at your site. DirectAIR® facilities are equipped with the most energy efficient equipment and controls available, and typically provide energy savings between 25-50%.
  • ManagAIR Utility Service
    ManagAIR® Utility ServiceManagAIR® is the most advanced, easy-to-use system available today for controlling and monitoring an industrial, multiple air compressor system. This utility service sequences your air compressors at peak efficiency, saving manufacturers tens of thousands of dollars in power costs.

Convenient utility services, extreme savings! Contact IDG Compressor and learn more about our simple solutions that will improve productivity at your plant!