DirectAIR® is the most effective secret weapon for your plant.

Your plant deserves a compressed air solution that is reliable, improves productivity and allows plant personnel to focus on manufacturing a superior product. That is why IDG Compressor offers DirectAIR®, our fourth utility compressed air service where we install, operate and maintain a state-of-the-art compressed air facility at your plant site. Gone are the days of worrying about inefficient IDG Compressor that can not handle your plant’s demands. We guarantee that the math will make one thing clear — DirectAIR® is the secret weapon you need to save big this year!

Check Out These Impressive DirectAIR® Numbers!

  • Reliability GuaranteedDirectAIR® customers have received more than 10 million hours of reliable operations.

    Superior Energy EfficiencyDirectAIR® facilities are equipped with the most energy efficient equipment and controls available today, which typically saves customers between 25-50% in overall energy savings.

    Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance — With DirectAIR®, IDG Compressor provides the highest level of preventive maintenance and continuous monitoring of compressed air equipment, eliminating expensive maintenance and repair costs.

    The numbers don’t lie! Contact the experts at IDG Compressor and experience huge cost savings with DirectAIR®!

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