A national cement manufacturer was operating four 300 HP air compressors at part load, which led to inefficient operations at their facility. None of the air compressors utilized an intelligent master control system, preventing the manufacturer from knowing critical information such as compressor power usage, quality or system demand. Looking for efficient, reliable solutions and information about compressed air management, the customer contacted the experts at IDG Compressor for answers.

After thoroughly analyzing the situation, IDG Compressor recommended ManagAIR+®, a state-of-the-art monitoring and controlling software that utilizes AI technology to sequence air compressors at peak efficiency. ManagAIR® connects air compressors to an existing Ethernet (LAN), and centrally monitors, operates and controls the compressed air system. This allows ManagAIR® to apply a powerful graphing function that provides easy trending and analysis of the data to maximize system efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and minimize unscheduled downtime. IDG Compressor connected ManagAIR® to all four of the plant’s air compressors as well as two dryers at the facility, which provided the customer with live information regarding the compressed air system such as key metrics, flow, PSI and dew point.

The manufacturer is very pleased with ManagAIR® utility service. They are experiencing smoother, more efficient operations at their plant and have experienced significant savings. To date, energy savings is projected at 21% and annual cost savings of $63,000. The manufacturer looks forward to working with IDG Compressor for cost-effective solutions in the future.

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