Ready to save? Then these utility services are perfect for your plant.

At IDG Compressor, we don’t believe in stress — only proven solutions that help our customers put forth a high-quality product. This is why we offer compressed air utility services DirectAIR® and ManagAIR®, which lower costs and improve productivity. With DirectAIR®, IDG Compressor installs a complete state-of-the-art compressed air facility including all equipment upgrades and replacements within or outside your facility, eliminating the need for an equipment capital investment. ManagAIR® utilizes innovative AI technology to monitor your compressed air system at all times. The result? Zero downtime and unbelievable savings!

Discover more about our utility services!

  • DirectAIR Utility Service
    DirectAIR® Utility ServiceDirectAIR® facilities are equipped with the most energy efficient equipment and controls available today, typically providing energy savings between 25-50%. A reliable stream of clean, compressed air is guaranteed.
  • ManagAIR Utility Service
    ManagAIR® Utility ServiceManagAIR® is the most advanced, easy-to-use system available today for controlling and monitoring an industrial, multiple air compressor system. It uses AI technology to drive intelligent, energy-efficient controls that adjust to real-time energy usage, which means your plant lessens waste, saves money and reduces it’s carbon footprint.

It’s time for productivity to skyrocket at your plant! Contact IDG Compressor and start saving with the most convenient compressed air solutions available.