Air Dryers

Water is a natural by-product of any compressed air process. When air is compressed, the moisture that is naturally present in the air is also compressed. When air leaves an aftercooler and moisture separator, it is typically saturated and as it cools while moving through distribution piping, it can condense, causing corrosion, contamination and other detrimental effects that result in low productivity, high maintenance costs and excessive downtime.

To insure that your system doesn’t suffer these costly effects of moisture in compressed air, consider the compressed air dryer that’s right for you. We offer a full range of dryer types and various sized systems.

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  • Refrigerated Air Dryers

    • Hi-temp: Air dryers for high inlet temperatures applications, 25-125 acfm
    • Non-cycling: Standard operating air dryers, 10-4,000 acfm
    • Cycling: air dryers for energy savings, 100-4,000 acfm
  • Desiccant Air Dryers

    • Heatless: Regenerative, 100-3,400 acfm
    • Heated: Purge, Regenerative, 100-3,100 acfm, energy savings
    • Blower: Purge, Regenerative, 300-3,400 acfm, more energy savings
    • Modular: Heatless, 8-365 acfm