At IDG Compressor, we offer a full range of services in compressed air system installation and integration. From the smallest air-cooled reciprocating unit, to the most complex, water-cooled centrifugal compressor, we can design and install your complete compressed air system. The three most significant advantages of using our installation services include:

Proper initial design of a compressed air system will result in superior operation. As experts in all types of air compression technologies, our professionals are skilled in determining system requirements, selecting equipment and designing system layouts to best meet your air demands.

Proper installation of all components is equally as important. From piping to accessories, we know compressed air systems and the secrets of how to squeeze every ounce of productivity from a compressor or related equipment. Often, those secrets tie back to enhancements that could have or should have been done at the time of installation. By trusting the installation of your compressed air system to the professionals at IDG Compressor, you get in on those secrets and the added benefits they mean to the optimal performance of your compressed air system.

Proper accountability can make or break relationships. At IDG Compressor, earning the right to service your compressor system in the future means a lot to us. Often that begins by demonstrating to you our commitment to building, installing and commissioning your entire project. When it comes to installation, we are where the buck stops. We step up to the plate of accountability and willingly accept complete responsibility for and management of your project. Not only is that more convenient for you, it also guarantees that your system will operate at peak performance once installation is completed.

For personal assistance, email us or call us at any of our three, convenient locations.